Jeff Battersby

Jeff is a new emerging artist, having spent a career in teaching and education, not in art. He has recently moved back to Plymouth after working, travelling and…

Paul Acraman

Plymouth-based artist, Paul Acraman, originally comes from Staffordshire, an area which couldn’t be further from the sea – now his main inspiration. In his childhood, a trip to…

Pete Kirby

Pete works in the environments that he enjoys to be in – where nature is the greatest influence on shaping the landscape. These areas inspire contemplation and celebration…

David William Young

David Young started painting in oils in his late teens and has gone on to become one of the West Country’s most notable landscape painters. During his early…

Hilary Charlton-Woodgate

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Zuzana Fricova

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Glyn White

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Frances Thomas

Frances’ art is inspired by the incredible complexity and beauty of Dartmoor. She is fortunate to live on the moor, so experiences all seasons and weathers. To make…

Keith Simmons

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Alan Prince

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James Millward

James is a full time Plymouth based painter/sculptor and artist in residence at Mayflower Arts gallery on Plymouth’s historic Barbican. A love of the natural world is his…

Maggie Lintell

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Sue Lewis

Ever since she was old enough to remember, Sue always had pens, pencils and a pad of paper in her hand. Having tried her hand at many jobs…

Shirley Kirkcaldy

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Sylvia Hofflund

Growing up in southern California, Sylvia didn’t see cherry trees coming into bloom. When she came to England it was one of those sights that words cannot describe…

Hazel Fullerton

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Jill Griffin

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Pete Cracknell

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Sally Black

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Tom Bird

Growing up in south west England, Tom has seen the coastal weather in countless different moods. Inspired by the energy of the wind and sun that penetrates these…

Glyn White

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Shirley Arnold

Shirley has painted for as long as she can remember, in oils, acrylic and watercolour. She was a student at Croydon College of Art, passing with Distinction. She…

Val Morsman

Val’s earliest memories include painting, drawing and watching her grandparents painting, both of whom were artists, neither of them famous. Nevertheless, art has always been a way of…

Stephen Thomas

Stephen cannot remember a time when he didn’t draw. He must have been very young as he can recall crayoning and enjoying creating new images on paper strewn…

Carol Rowse

Carol is a local self taught artist who has lived in the beautiful West Country all of her life. In creating her art she employs a variety of…

Deborah Smith

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Michael Hill

Michael studied graphic art and design in the late 1960’s, and then worked as a freelance illustrator. Michael is a tutor of watercolour and acrylic, and has had…

Cheri Hunston

Developing her unique style using traditional methods in pen and ink, Cheri enjoys the challenge of creating different textures with just one nib. Her work is always skillfully…