Providing a showcase for local artistic talent has been the prime driver of the Mayflower House Art Gallery since its opening in September 2011.

The owners of a successful Plymouth printing company Bretonside Copy, Peter & Glynis Cuddehay, decided upon this strategy in the summer of 2011. By acquiring additional space that became available within the Mayflower House building on Plymouth’s Bretonside, the opportunity arose to expand their horizons by opening an Art Gallery dedicated to the work of talented South West artists.

Bretonside (Print, Design &) Copy
Having built a broad clientele base ranging from many large national organisations and businesses such as The National Marine Aquarium, The University of Plymouth, Plymouth College of Art, The BBC, The NHS, The Marine Biological Association, Plymouths’ Waterfront Partnership (PWPBID) and the South West Image Bank (SWiB) to smaller local businesses such as Restaurants, Architects and General Retail Outlets, Bretonside Copy also nurtured individual clients particularly within the local art community.

The Company, widened its services by adding Photographic /Scanning, and Artwork Design Studios to further enhance its reputation and today it occupies a position as a printing company of some local repute.

The local artist community (original and photographic), has been quick to discover the capabilities of the business to cretae faithful reproductions of original art with remarkable consistency on a variety of fine art media (including fine art canvas) from market leading brands such as Hahnehmuhle, Magiclee and Innova.

In 2010, the ability of Bretonside Copy to capture the finest detail and nuance of original art in its reproductions was confirmed by the award of “Approved Supplier” status by BBC Worldwide Productions for work commissioned by Graham Flynn of Exeter to reproduce Limited Edition Gicleé Prints of original Dr Who costume drawings onto Hahnehmuhle German Etching Fine Art Paper.

More recently, wider international recognition came through “Approved Printer” status bestowed by the prestigious Fine Art Trade Guild (FATG).

Additionally, Bretonside Copy became a founding member of the FATG’s ArtSure Scheme. This new Scheme aims to provide buyers and collectors of Giclée fine art prints with a guaranteed level of confidence and assurance which any print accompanied by the ArtSure logo printed on its Certificate of Authenticity, has been produced with equipment and materials approved by the FATG.

Furthermore, artists who have their work registered with the ArtSure scheme automatically gain a pathway to wider exposure of their work (nationally and internationally), with a thumbnail impression of every ArtSure Scheme registered limited edition giclée being posted onto the FATG web-site. All artists having work reproduced by Bretonside Copy will have the opportunity to enter into the ArtSure Scheme.
By offering artists a variety of products such as photographed or scanned image files of their original work, framed gicleé prints, post cards & greeting cards means that local artists can rely on Bretonside Copy as a single source supplier of their art reproduction needs.

Mayflower Arts
When an opportunity arose in 2014, Peter and Glynis felt that the time was right to expand the reach of local artists by opening a new Art Gallery on Plymouth’s Barbican. The premises which previously housed The Armada Gallery became available and Mayflower Arts was born.

The combination of Bretonside Copy and Mayflower Arts, provides South West artists with a high quality printing company which willingly works with them to reproduce the finest nuances of their original works with consistency, plus a high profile retail outlet and access to a national and international audience for their work via the FATG ArtSure Scheme.

It remains the continued aim of the Mayflower Arts to support local artists whenever the occasion arises and both Peter and Glynis welcome the opportunity to introduce both artists and art lovers to their Gallery.