David Young started painting in oils in his late teens and has gone on to become one of the West Country’s most notable landscape painters. During his early youth his family returned to the rural Devon hamlet from where they had spent their wartime years. It has been the upbringing in this country community that has forged his outlook and subsequent expression in art. It was these rural Devonian people, now nearly all dead and certainly of another era from the perspective of the 21st century, that gave him such a love of the land, the soil, the traditions, seasons and wildlife.

He is usually associated with Dartmoor, which he travelled extensively on his grey gelding Thomas or on foot, but it fact he considers woodland his true spiritual home.

He doesn’t paint many works in a year. Each painting takes months and is agonised over. Critical to each is the light, texture and that feel of the place. He has declined commissions for some years so that he can now devote himself to paintings that excite the imagination.

He continues to live and work in the hamlet, his studio is surrounded by his vegetables, compost heaps and abundant wildlife which are continual satisfying distractions.