James is a full time Plymouth based painter/sculptor and artist in residence at Mayflower Arts gallery on Plymouth’s historic Barbican.

A love of the natural world is his driving artistic force, having grown up in the beautiful valleys of the Howgill Fells near The Lake District, he was surrounded by nature.

In many of his paintings, James focuses in on the macroscopic, as it is his wish to capture the intimacy and energy of the moment when a person may stop what they are doing to admire, for example, a ladybird descend a grass shoot, or the immaculate design and structure of a flower.

He believes all living things have a consciousness with which we can connect, and often when we find time to empty our minds of the pressures and anxieties of modern day living, we can access this miracle in nature. To be close to nature even changes our physiological state, as our breathing becomes deeper and more relaxed. We often feel more at peace, but more than that, when you make the effort to observe nature closely, it is merely a thought away to realise that you are part of all of this.

You are nature, you are complex, beautiful and essential, and you do resonate on a vibrational level with everything else in the world around you. It is this sensation which James constantly searches for, and hopes to express through his paintings.

He usually paints in two different mediums – graphite or acrylics, and occasionally watercolour.

His preferred paints are Golden Open acrylics, slow drying pigments which act much like oils, and whilst the process takes longer than normal acrylics, the pigment quality and vibrance is in his opinion unmatched.

He paints in thin layers and builds the painting slowly up to a crescendo of colour and detail. He loves painting high detail on top of diffused dreamy backgrounds, because when our eyes give full attention to a particular subject, the world around it defocuses into energy and that is the ‘moment of attention’ which he is trying to capture and isolate in his work. Whilst he does seek accuracy in his art, ‘real – feelism’ is his goal, not photorealism.

All of James’ paintings are varnished with professional materials to protect the artwork from UV damage, moisture and dirt.

A signed certificate of authenticity is issued with all of his original artwork.