Plymouth-based artist, Paul Acraman, originally comes from Staffordshire, an area which couldn’t be further from the sea – now his main inspiration. In his childhood, a trip to the seaside was an annual experience. Now he is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the coast nearly every day. He is a keen sailor and surfer and the sight of the sea still has the power to lift his spirit. His knowledge of the sea and time spent on the water give him a great understanding of its movement, colour and moods.

It was Paul’s love of the sea that inspired him to start painting. Colour, light and movement inspire him. His strong, bright paintings are more than just representational pictures. He observes and interprets the beauty within our world. Seas, water, skies and trees provide a continuing challenge demanding different techniques, styles and media.

Paul maintains that part of the job of the artist is to show people what they are missing in their surroundings. There is an incredible richness of colour, movement and life which often just passes us by.

Paul is married to Rosie, has two adult children, Lucie and Christopher and everything he paints is dedicated to them.