Pete works in the environments that he enjoys to be in – where nature is the greatest influence on shaping the landscape. These areas inspire contemplation and celebration and are represented in the pictorial traditions of landscape photography whilst emphasising the visual qualities of formal elements.

The images are an examination of the way we perceive our surroundings. Our eyes gathering information from details as we construct awareness. His work is conceived as an episode rather than an instant. Not one ‘Decisive Moment’ but a series of moments which describe not only the view, but also movement, changes of light and the passing of time. By grouping a sequence of photographs, he finds that he can express the diverse qualities of a situation and then place them in the context of the whole. The resultant scale, with its range, intricacy and dynamic gives me a work that is, he hopes, both visionary and descriptive.

The work is presented as collage – there is no ‘grid’ superimposed. He asks that you see each image as being above a neutral black surface, enabling the eye to be drawn to individual parts or for the composition to read as a coherent picture.

Digital technology offers the opportunity to re-examine the nature of photography but may retain those essential characteristics of selective focus and viewpoint.

His images were made on Olympus E20 and Pentax K10D digital cameras, matched, balanced and constructed on the computer and presented as giclée prints.