Growing up in south west England, Tom has seen the coastal weather in countless different moods. Inspired by the energy of the wind and sun that penetrates these rugged scenes, he feels charged when the raw power cuts into his presence, in these moments he loves to sit and let go of his thoughts and let himself become a part of it all. He feels like the richest person in the world when he walks through the ever changing, living and breathing coastline and he endeavours to re-create what he feels in these moments on to canvas. Although he knows that what comes out through him is a two dimensional interpretation of these precious times, he feels that through art our vision can be expanded and we can see the three dimensional world as an infinitely fascinating, colourful experience.

Tom loves to do his work in acrylic, and through trying to create the feeling of distance and a flowing movement in the scenes he creates, he gets completely lost in them.

He has also found his inspiration in Eastern philosophy and has had the opportunity to look within himself. He sees that emotions that arise in him and in each one of us, are tiny expressions of the movements that arise within humanity as a collective whole. So he likes to give a symbolic essence to his work, this is because he truly feels that the outer world reflects our inner world and with this he attempts to express emotional states of mind – and what can arise from a deeper place – through geological and meteorological states of the earth. Tom’s main aim here is to create aesthetically pleasing art for all viewers to escape into, just as he does when he is creating them!